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Private Estates

The management and maintenance of Private Estates, whether surrounding a residential development or an imposing country house, requires considerate and sensitive garden maintenance. Gavin Jones has a long and enviable history of providing such

Grounds Maintenance

Gavin Jones Limited is a progressive company which strives for excellence in all aspects of its work to ensure complete client satisfaction. With a flexible attitude to client requirements, regular communication and health and safety awareness, our

Landscape Construction

Whether the preference is for a negotiated, partnered, design & build or a more traditional style contract, Gavin Jones Commercial Landscape division, working closely with our clients, will ensure all aspects of the specification are delivered


The value of interior plants goes far beyond the purely aesthetic - plants are beneficial for the building and its occupants in a number of subtle ways and are an important element in providing a pleasant, tranquil environment where people can work

Tree Works

Gavin Jones is an Arboricultural Association approved contractor for tree work offering a range of operations to current best practice and industry standards. We have a diversity of experience from construction sites to ecologically sensitive sites


We are very proud to have undertaken a significant number of sports-associated landscape construction and grounds maintenance projects – a highlight, without doubt, being our designation as "Supplier of landscape construction and maintenance

Latest News

Gavin Jones 5 star hotel | Potters Fields Park

Insects at Potters Fields Park Yes we build hotels! However our hotels are built for a very special customer....insects! "Insects play a very important role in the biodiversity of the park, helping to pollinate plants and providing a food source

BBC White City | High Standards

‘I just want to say a big thank you to you (Will.H) and your team (Sandor.S & Lee.D) for all the effort and attention they have provided to the external areas in W12 over the last couple of weeks. Achieving high standards is a key focus

Thiepval Memorial Commemorative Flower Bed

Veolia The team at Tidworth, Lee Cross, Leroy Johnson and Matthew Scott, recently completed a commemorative memorial for Veolia.   ‘We were asked to recreate The Thiepval Memorial in France to commemorate the Battle of The Somme