Health & Safety

Our mission is to enhance the landscape, whilst protecting the environment. Recycling initiatives, renewable energy sources, grey water harvesting, bee-keeping, biodiversity surveys and advice, Green Travel/Eco-driving policy – just some of the examples of how we ensure our impacts on the environment are positive, together with an ongoing commitment to reducing our carbon emissions by 3% per annum.

Gavin Jones has an embedded safety culture which has developed along with our business activities. Safety is not a separate task, it is part of the way we work, and all employees are encouraged to understand this and play their part in improving our safety status.

Training and communication are vital factors which enable employees to understand their role and responsibilities, with training beginning with a detailed induction and safety awareness course.

Skills are taught and refreshed, and if incidents do happen suitable corrective and preventive actions are formulated and implemented. Reporting is encouraged, and monitoring for trends takes place at senior management level.

Communication is vital and several forums exist where employees can contribute knowledge and ideas, and ask questions. Good ideas are also welcomed, and rewarded. A safety award scheme has been put in place and annual targets are set to ensure continuous improvement.

Personal protective clothing and uniform are important safety factors. As they feature prominently in many job roles, these need to be of the right quality, and comfort and fit are vital. Employees are consulted in the choice of items, with items often chosen by site staff for evaluation. Good stocks are maintained for ease of issue.

Gavin Jones is committed to ensuring the safety of its employees, and of others who could be affected by our activities. We expect to ensure compliance as a minimum and to deliver our services efficiently and safely. Our safety management system is accredited to ISO 18001.