Strawberry Fields Forever


The famous red gates at Liverpool’s Strawberry Fields are once again open to the public after going through a huge restoration project to revitalise an integral part of The Beatles history.

Work on the restoration, was carried out by Gavin Jones and architect Rankin Fraser.

Immortalised in the Beatles song, Strawberry Fields is an important landmark in the story of the world-famous band’s inspiration, but this vital part of local history has never been open to the public until now. The project aims to inspire today’s generation and boost the economy in Liverpool through tourism.

This major project involved extensive grounds maintenance, with the excavation of 85 tree pits and planting the pits with young to semi-mature trees, planting more than 14 000 shrubs in the woodland area and restoration of the existing architecture and the construction of cosy shelters.

The original contract value was nearly doubled after several variations were made to the original tender.

Ben Farmer, Regional Contracts Manager at Gavin Jones, said: “It’s a privilege to have a part in restoring the abandoned Strawberry Fields to its former glory. We know that the site holds a lot of meaning, so the original look and architecture of the site was used as inspiration.We believe that given the final contract value was almost double the original shows how much people care about this historic site and we anticipate it will bring a lot more tourism to Liverpool.”

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