Corporate Social Responsibility

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Enhancing the Landscape

We recognize that our business doesn’t exist in isolation nor is it purely about generating profits. Our employees depend on our business for their livelihood. Customers, suppliers and the local community are all affected by our business and what we do. Our service and the manner we deliver them, also have an impact on the environment. We seek to understand our business’ impact on the wider world and consider how we can use this impact in a positive way by taking a responsible attitude, going beyond the minimum legal requirements and following the cultural principles which guide our operation.


Using the Investor’s In People Framework we have developed a management strategy which engages our staff in the pursuit of excellence. The organisation is accredited IIP GOLD and appointed IIP CHAMPIONS – charged with sharing expertise and policies with other organisations seeking to improve their personnel management strategies.

Local Community

Wherever possible we engage local people to work on our contracts across the country, creating new job opportunities in the process. We work actively to support local organisations and charities – eg. we support Abbey Rangers Youth FC and work with Young Enterprise to support school students as Business Advisors, both based close to HQ in Chertsey – similar community projects are undertaken close to our operational depots nationwide involving schools, disadvantaged groups etc.


Our mission is to enhance the landscape, whilst protecting the environment. Recycling initiatives, renewable energy sources, grey water harvesting, bee-keeping, biodiversity surveys and advice, Green Travel/Eco-driving policy – just some of the examples of how we ensure our impacts on the environment are positive, together with an ongoing commitment to reducing our carbon emissions by 3% per annum.