BALI 2016 AWARD Winner

Domestic Garden Construction | Cost over £250,000

A Private Residence in Weybridge

‘Gavin Jones were approached by our client to tender against a concept plan for the landscape scheme to the gardens surrounding a substantial new build home in Weybridge Surrey. The tender submission included the requirement to work up the drawings to a final scheme. After several meetings with the client, all via a Russian interpreter, we agreed on the concept of a Japanese style garden and our in-house design team commenced work on the plans. Due to onsite programme constraints, we had to work alongside the main contractors Veyron Bespoke before the final plans were complete. This proved very challenging with the quick turnaround of drawings and approval required to start construction onsite.

The piece de residence or pisu de ra teiko (in Japanese) is the Zen garden, which was inspired by a collection of images put together by the client and skilfully worked into the design by one of our in-house designers Ben Lowry. It was a challenging area with over 4 meter high walls to be clad in slate cladding with a water feature stream constructed using over forty tonnes of Cornish slate, hand selected by Gavin Jones from the Delabole quarry.

Plants were selected to provide a miniature landscape and a wall was created with green wall and planting pockets and rustic millboard cladding.

Gavin Jones have also been awarded the contract to maintain the garden for the client and it is a privilege to be able to see the garden which received so much care and attention, mature and develop through out the coming seasons.’

Architect: Brightspace Architects

Designer/Maintenance Contractor: Gavin Jones

Suppliers: AHS, Delabole Slate Company, Kinley Systems, Plantation Nursery, Silverland Stone

Gavin Jones are delighted to announce a second BALI AWARD

Regeneration Scheme under £500k, Kennington Park Flower Garden

Content taken from British Association of Landscape Industries: