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Gavin Jones Ltd and Aspire Defence have, after an initially successful 5 year deal, recently agreed a Horticultural Industry first; an evergreen 29 year evergreen contract.

The partnership stretches over the 5 main Southern Army Garrisons and work includes communal Garrison areas, residential and Officers’ Mess areas, Soldiers’ living accommodation, Army FA & RFU representative sports grounds, 3G sports areas, ECB County standard cricket pitches, an Athletics Stadium & cemeteries kept in accordance with War Graves Commission standards. Grass areas account for approximately 1200 hectares alone!

During mobilization of the initial contract, Gavin Jones Ltd transferred 60 staff from two different incumbent contractors, many of whom were 2nd and 3rd generation transfers. With a £1.8m investment in the latest machinery for the 80 men who are now working in partnership with Aspire and the British Army, our team includes a permanent Arboriculture Team, Admin Assistant, two dedicated Contracts Managers and an Area Manager.

Gavin Jones are working with Aspire on a Sustainable, Development & Environmental Protection strategy as well as Ecology and Pollution prevention. Working alongside Aspire to hit helpdesk targets, our Contracts Managers ensure that all calls are closed out within the agreed time scale.
Maintaining and incorporating a safe working environment whilst major building works are being carried out throughout the Garrisons is on-going & paramount to the success of the partnership.

Every member of the team has received training and with over 50% of them achieving NVQ level 2 or 3 which equates to superior skilled staff as well as a more productive work force. Gavin Jones has invested heavily in CSR projects on the Aspire Estate as well as within local communities – Parish Councils, Scout Groups & soldiers families are just three examples.

“A considerable logistical challenge with 80 staff covering five major Aspire Defence sites. Whilst difficult to comprehend the scale of the operation, it has resulted in sites being maintained to the highest maintenance standard, perfectly matching the specification set at each Garrison.
There is an excellent recycling culture with all pruning’s and green waste used as a top up mulch to shrub beds. The passion of both staff and management is clearly evident throughout”

 British Association of Landscape Industries

Gavin Jones continues to offer a service to meet an agreed flexible specification throughout all aspects of the partnership with self reporting.