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Bee Hive Services

Gavin Jones assisted the Imperial College in London with a nucleus colony of Carniolan bees, including a Queen, drones and workers. The bees were introduced to the hive, having been carefully driven from Gloucester to South Kensington.

The hive has been located in the Environmental Society Garden behind Ethos.

“Moving in Day” was overseen by our bee-enthusiasts Bill Davidson and Anthony Mason. Gavin Jones are currently encouraging their clients to keep bees, they are the most important pollinating insects for food production, and have an estimated yearly worth of about £200 million to British agriculture.

Gavin Jones also maintain the grounds at the Imperial College in London.

Describing how the bees will go about settling in to their new surroundings, Bill said: “The Queen will control the colony and will start egg laying in about a week, with a continual succession of eggs, grubs and hatching going on to take the nucleus to a full-sized colony. Throughout this the worker bees will be gathering pollen and nectar, with all the workers being replaced on a continuous 6 week-cycle.”

Bill will continue to have a hands-on role whilst students Stefan Piatek and Reuben Gibbons from the Imperial College Environmental Society get to grips with the new arrivals and attend a bee-keeping course over the summer.

If you would like to know more about our Bee friendly services please email: info@gavinjones.co.uk or use our Contact form.