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Gavin Jones have maintained the award winning grounds at the Bluewater Shopping Destination in Kent since 2004, including the interior planting displays.

As with any shopping centre, the interior planting displays are crucial to soften and pacify the busy environment. The choice and maintenance of plants therein has been paramount to the success of the planting at Bluewater, as low light levels, close interaction with the public and the need to always look ‘perfect’, makes for a very challenging environment. Out of ours working is also key to providing a low impact service.

The key at Bluewater has been finding a contemporary yet timeless choice of plants and pots. We wanted to avoid a typical ‘1970’s rubber plant’ look and try to work with a palette of plants with a matt finish, mixing plants rather than sticking to monoculture specimens.

Interior Services Include:

  • Maintaining existing scheme
  • Installation of new scheme
  • Pesticide treatments
  • Irrigation solutions
  • Technical information and advice
  • Under-planting
  • Seasonal decorative planting
  • Dusting



‘The department heads took a walk this morning to look at the new seating areas and all were extremely positive on the new design. Everyone was very impressed and the fact that we’ve included a simple but stylish planting scheme that really helps to define both the clustered seating areas as well as the benched seating. Can you please pass on my thanks to the team for their help in achieving this’

– Tim Hollands, Bluewater Management