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Off Road Track – Jaguar Land Rover, Solihull

Rock Crawl – Land Rover Experience
Build time: 2 ½ weeks
Start: April 2014

Scope of Work:

  • Setting out
  • Excavate to reduce level for base to receive new “ROCK CRAWL” track and place material to either side for use later. We allowed for maximum 3 meters wide, 30 meters long and 800MM deep
  • Supplied and installed granular sub-base material to form base
  • Supplied and placed rock in uneven “CRAZY PAVING” style on concrete bed with concrete haunch to prevent slippage, avoiding excessive peeks and troughs
  • Supplied and installed smaller infill gabion stone to remove deep crevices
  • Re-instated edges using arising’s from excavation stockpiled on the edges

Materials: 90 tons of rocks sourced from Weston Hill Quarry in Herefordshire

Track Maintenance Specification:

  • Back blading of tracks to alleviate ruts
  • Maintenance when use of heavy equipment is required
  • Chainsaw of fallen trees and removal/disposal of debris
  • Movement of all stone around tracks and placement
  • Remoulding of tracks
  • Flailing track edges
  • Maintaining existing track layout to prevent vehicle damage
  • Developing new tracks as required