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There are city centres, there are shopping malls and there is Bluewater

Every week half a million people comprising Britain’s most affluent retail catchment, shop at Bluewater. The figures are extraordinary, but no more extraordinary than the venue.

With 150,000m² of retail, 330 of the best UK and international brands, 50 restaurants & bars, 13,000 free parking spaces, 20 hectares of parkland & seven lakes, Bluewater is like no other.  First impressions are paramount for shoppers & retailers in this unique environment & warrants the finest. The unique retail-service provider relationship was the first of its kind & has set a precedent  in both sectors. With Biodiversity & an ambition of 0% to landfill high on the agenda, both parties are working in tandem to innovate &  ensure  delivery over & above stakeholder expectations Bluewater & Gavin Jones Ltd are currently striving to achieve the Biodiversity Benchmark.

The first step in achieving this Benchmark has commenced with audits being conducted in partnership with Kent Wildlife Trust. Woodland Management of the 1 million trees & Emergency  Tree Surgery are carried out by the Gavin Jones Arboriculture Association Accredited Tree Team, ensuring excellence in all aspects of horticultural & H&S throughout the Estate. Trusted to deliver, Gavin Jones also have responsibility to provide rapid response gritting & snow clearance, ensuring the Destination is kept open 364 days a year.

Inside, 18 acres of award wining Interior Planting are seasonally altered  by our Technicians  working alongside merchandisers & commercial partners to produce stunning displays. The fully dedicated team of 7 regularly volunteer to lead tours of the site, looking at nature trails, aquifer & the growing polytunnel, where staff grow fruit & vegetables for use in the Centre’s restaurants.

“Our relationship with the Gavin Jones Group has enabled Bluewater to receive the highest levels of service & operational excellence in several specialist areas. Bluewater’s unique environment & ethos demands a distinctive approach to management, one that is fully embraced by all divisions of the Gavin Jones Group enabling us to showcase & operate a world class venue.” 

– Tim Hollands, Property Manager, Bluewater