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2 National Bee Hives

Gavin Jones Health & Safety Manager Bill Davidson delivered a presentation to Toyota in Epsom discussing ways GJ could help them raise their environmental profile. Toyota promptly placed an order for the installation of two hives and honey bees at their Epsom branch.

Bill commented “A suitable location on site was chosen and an apiary constructed, for 2 National hives. Our new gardener on site, Sam Cooper, was keen to acquire some beekeeping skills and the installation of the bee colony went very well with our client photographing the installation whilst wearing a bee suit.

Enthusiasm from staff has been constant, and every time we have opened the hive we have had volunteers to assist. We have even had to make a viewing area.

Sam Cooper has taken to his new beekeeper duties very quickly, being able to locate the queen on his first solo hive opening

Toyota Epsom also requested a lunchtime talk for their staff to raise awareness and interest in their new bees, I shall be carrying this out later on in the year”

“It was fantastic to see the bees up close and learn a little about them. As I mentioned I am particularly interested as keeping bees and producing my own honey is something not only I but many of our staff are keen to do”

– Warren Hall, Toyota Epsom

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