Neo Bankside s

Gated Communities


NEO Bankside is a high-end, multi-award winning, luxury development located close to the Tate Modern Gallery in Central London.

The development sits within a dense urban environment, with the apartment blocks themselves forming the perimeter of the development, which surrounds a valuable and award winning landscaped garden.

The garden, which is split between areas of controlled public access and residents only access, consist of mixed shrub beds, semi-mature trees, lawn areas, stone paths, and orchard trees, amongst others, with a sedum ‘green roof’ over the sub-terrain car park. The landscape, as originally designed by Gillespies LLP, is a highly individual and stylised external space, which aimed to reflect the cutting edge of landscape design within a dense urban environment.


Upskilling staff and having ‘the right man for the job’ was a high priority for the residents of NEO bankside. Our head gardener has a Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture and a great eye for detail. Since starting at NEO Bankside he has started a sketchbook of ideas for incremental improvements over the duration of the contract period.

Although relatively compact in size, NEO Bankside is a complex environment of hard and soft landscape, in a prominent tourist hotspot. The development has both private and public access and the landscape management approach needs to be dynamic and adaptive to accommodate the heavy footfall.


  • General weeding
  • Pruning
  • Litter picking
  • Removing green waste
  • Lawn maintenance
  • Shrub bed maintenance
  • Tree Management
  • Brick and block paviour maintenance
  • Gritting
  • Shrub & Tree replacement

The exo-skeletal structures at NEO Bankside are nothing short of outstanding, I would like to compliment the landscape management for maintaining the grounds to the same high standard of the beautiful architecture it surrounds. One of many great examples of modern landscaping in London ”

– Member of public, London