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Potters Fields Park  lies on the southern side of the Thames between Tower Bridge and City Hall. It is one of the few remaining green open spaces along the riverside. A major refurbishment of the Park was completed in 2007 to transform it into a world class facility for the enjoyment of local businesses and workers, residents, tourists and other visitors to the locality.
Our biggest challenge on this site was to employ the best grounds maintenance operative for this position. The individual required had to fulfil more than grounds maintenance skills and experience; he has become the ‘number two’ depended upon by our client. A local person with local knowledge was essential in such a central London tourist location. He also needed to be an excellent communicator, liaising with numerous event organisers throughout the year.

Our Operative, Ian Mould fits the needs of our client perfectly, and was employed on site a few months into our contract. He effectively acts under three job titles; grounds maintenance operative, events manager and park ranger (including health and safety).
Gavin Jones provide a number of core services for the general maintenance of the site as well as added service which can be seen on the preceding page.  At the core of our recent  renewal was Gavin Jones proposal to tie a number of activities under on contract  in order that the client could take step back on the management of the grounds.

This was achieved by tying in grounds maintenance, arboriculture and cleansing contracts.  Gavin Jones  reviews the entire site on an annual basis  (including a full tree survey) providing recommendations  for re-instatement and improvement works for the year ahead.  This has resulted in a true partnership style relationship with the client.  Ensuring buy in from the contractor and investment from the land manager facilitating continual  lifecycle thinking  and development of the site.

Time-lapse video that shows Potters Fields Park ‘greening up’ over a period of one year