Royal Ascot Racecourse

Royal Ascot racecourse covers 179 acres. The works were centred around the main Grandstand and tracks and crossing areas.
The £1.8 million contract comprised of the following:
• Ground preparation and top soiling to shrub planting areas, planter boxes and to 44,000m² of lawn areas and urban tree soil to tree pits.
• The planting of semi-mature trees (100-120cm girth) including tree pits, hedging, climbers, transplants and groundcover.
• The installation of large quantities of specialist fibre reinforced root zone soils and Lockturf to parade ring and spectators lawn areas. Site screened and blended site won soil and root zone turf to members lawn, screened topsoil and standard turf to all other grass areas.
• 20,000m² of screened top soil and grass seeding.
• Installation of filter drain system to the perimeters of grass areas.

Track and Crossings
Area 5 car park and Area 6 South of Straight Mile Shoot
• Ground preparation and carting and placing 22,000m³ of site won top soil, Old Mile
• Tree planting, woodland and hedge planting mixes.
• Chestnut and rabbit proof fencing
• 10,500m² of Amenity, Acid Grassland and Meadow Grassland seeding works including preparation.