Richard Farrow

RSPB Aerial Walkway

In the beautiful setting of RSPB Coombes Valley Nature Reserve, Gavin Jones were appointed by Paul Cameron of Treehouse Life to install two rope and netting aerial walkway bridges meeting at a floating platform at tree top height, half way down the valley to give users of the site the opportunity to see the reserve from a different perspective—this would enable users of all ages to see the world as the birds and squirrels see it.

Gavin Jones were involved in the building of the platform at the top of the valley, installing the rope bridges, and finally lifting the platform into place with the use of winches, supported by cables and slings in nearby trees.

Due to the project being a first in the UK, there were a number of logistical and practical challenges the team had to overcome during the two weeks on site

  • A challenging project enjoyed thoroughly by those involved
  • Set above a 50m valley with a 70 degree slope
  • A fluid, ever-developing method statement was key to the project
  • First of its kind in the UK


  • Carry out Visual Tree Assessments
  • Assist in building platform & bridges
  • Carry out all aerial operations and installation


  • Rare birds including Flycatchers, Redstarts & Wood Warblers
  • Buzzards & Sparrow Hawks
  • Butterfly’s across the valley
  • Fungi

Paul Cameron (Treehouse Life) described the service delivered as….

“world-class aerial wizardry by the Gavin Jones tree team”

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