South Hill Park – Restoration UpdateFollowing the successful bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund Parks for People initiative, a £2.3m grant will see the Park transformed. We are in the process of selecting contractors to undertake the work, which should begin in June 2010 and take approximately 18 months to complete.

Working to the Masterplan agreed with the Heritage Lottery Fund, the key elements of the restoration will include:

Renovation of the terraces, Italian Garden and Yew Walk. Extensive research has revealed the original designs and materials used.
Creation of a path linking the Yew Walk through to the woodland areas bordering the South Lake.
Replacement of the existing play area to the south of the House with one of a more natural design.
Enhancement of the Park entrances and improvements to the car park and arts centre environs to enhance the setting of the House.
Restoration and management of key views to and from the House and across the Park.
De-silting of the southern sections of the South Lake.
Management of marginal lake planting to both lakes.
Management of the dry balancing pond to allow greater biodiversity. Major tree planting .
Management and conservation of the woodland under storey in North Wood, Birch Hill Wood and the Shrubbery to encourage wild flowers and native shrubs.
Improvements to furniture throughout the Park.
Renovation of artworks, sculpture trail and tree trail.
There will be a commitment to long term management after the life of the project, with a dedicated Park Manager and Gardener. This will be in accordance with the goals and aims of the Green Flag, which provide for:

A welcoming place, which is healthy, safe and secure
Clean and well maintained
Conservation, heritage and community involvement.