With the Concours of Elegance now firmly established as an annual event, the latest was held at the 17th Century Royal Palace at Hampton Court to huge acclaim, from the public, partners, press and participants alike.

For three days in September 2014, in front of the spectacular east side of the Palace in the Grand Fountain Gardens amongst the 300 year old yew trees, which are also maintained by the Gavin Jones Arboriculture Division, the third unique festival of rare historic cars took place.

Such is the rarity and significance of the event, cars were transported from around the globe, and is testament to how important the Concours of Elegance is regarded by the world’s premier automotive collectors.

As Royal Warrant Holders, our relationship with Thorough Events has blossomed such that the Event Team’s distinction in understanding the exacting requirements of such an event, the surroundings and clientele elicited our instruction to dress Exclusive Hospitality marquees and Event Partner exhibits befitting a world-class stage for luxury brands and services


‘It was fantastic to work with you and your team, and you brought some real elegance and class to the event.’

– Marisa Beckman, COE Event Coordinator

‘Thank you for all your help at the event, it was great to have Gavin Jones as a Partner. We would love to work with you in the future.’

– Ian Campbell, Thorough Events Ltd


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