Bee enthusiasts at Toyota HQ in Epsom had a very enjoyable day, working with the Gavin Jones team to extract the honey crop from Toyota’s own hives.
An area in the on site restaurant was set aside to host two staff participation sessions. Gavin Jones’ SQE Manager, Bill Davidson, gave a brief talk and invited the Toyota team to participate.
Several staff took part in frame de-capping and using the centrifuge to spin the honey out, which was collected into a tank for putting into jars.
The bees had also made some comb within one hive and this was cut into blocks and placed in small pots for sale.
The honey, was rich and full in flavour with a strong floral scent, resulting from bees working hard to collect pollen in the surrounding gardens.
The Gavin Jones team aimed to educate the client team on how bees produce honey and what is involved in the extraction process. They also seemed to raise the profile of beekeeping, with a number of participants looking to take part again next time. 
Gavin Jones are currently preparing Toyota’s hives for winter and are fitting mouse guards and netting to prevent woodpecker damage.

The honey is so good everyone wants some!


“Its great news that we managed to produce 41 pots of honey comb and 35 jars of honey, it will go down very well with the ‘troops’.
We hope to generate about £500 for the Guide Dog charity through their sale. Thanks Bill for your guidance, the demonstration and talks…..they were very well received ”

 – John Ryan, Toyota Specialist, CSR & Environmental Affairs