July 19th – Blessy

I arrived at Boulogne last night. As the steamer was being tied up to the quay and the gang way thrown across there was a shower of sparks and a heavy splash. A Tommy had fallen off the top deck into the small space between the ship and the dock side. How he was not killed I can’t understand. Somebody ran down the steps and dragged him out by the collar, and as he was being led past all covered with slime they said to him “Be careful not to do that again won’t you”. He said “Yus – but I’ve loist me poipe and me ‘at” and this was all that seemed to concern him. No wonder they fight well. I wish at these times I was gifted with lack of imagination like this.

British Streamer


I marched my little party off to some busses and we were transported to a village FOSSE, three miles south east of ESTAIRES and are in billets quite near the village.

My billet consists of a damp room the size of a bathing machine containing a bed five foot long – children’s no. 1 size I should say – I don’t trust the mattress. I shall sleep wrapped up well in my blanket leaving no entrances. The mosquitoes are bad, great big chaps they are which come for one with a roar. I’ll have to sleep with my head under a blanket.