July 30th

Lord Kesteven

Lord Kesteven

We had a little social affair yesterday. We were entertained at lunch by Monsieur le Curé on whom we are billeted. Trollope and I gave him a lunch about a month ago. Trollope is away home on a fortnight’s leave looking after his newly inherited title and estates (he is now Lord Kesteven) so Carpendale took his place.

Two other neighbouring cures were invited and they gave us a great spread; they also plied us with wines that I had to cry hold enough, it would not do for me to go down to the horse lines striking a zig zag course. Two hours sustained conversation was a severe strain on my French – the grammar grew most erratic towards the end.

There is to be another memorial service in the church tomorrow. I hope these gentlemen won’t die often.

My suspicions of that dirty little bed at Fosse where we were digging were only too correct. I found I was afflicted with lice again – a different kink this time and in the head. Fortunately I have got some stuff May (GJs wife) sent me which seems to have worked a cure.

What a lot of new things I am learning about!