Public_Schools_BattalionNov 12th 1915

Yesterday I went to the War Office as ordered and was told to join the 16th Battalion of the Middlesex Regiment, a public schools battalion, that is to say the original lot were all recruited from among men who had been at public schools.

I arrived in time for dinner last night. We are at Tidworth on Salisbury Plain but go to France in a few days. My arrival was somewhat alarming, all the officers, about forty, were at dinner when I was ushered in.

The officers seem a surprisingly good lot. I expected them to be mixed but they are nearly all recruited from the ranks of the battalion. Many of them are considerably older than I am, they all persist in calling me “Sir” and look on me as the old soldier as I have been a year in France. I had to explain to them that I have seen very little fighting.

I think I have got into a really good show this time.