On Tuesday 31st October the Gavin Tree team visited the Aspire Cemetery in Aldershot to provide a majestic 120-year-old Cedar tree with some much-needed TLC, something which is considered quite taxing and an art form in itself. This treasured cemetery is home to many memorial and war graves commemorating the First World War and the Second World War. Visitor safety is of course paramount as is providing well-maintained grounds to honour our fallen soldiers.
Caring for trees and working at great height can be challenging, however our teams have now worked together for many years, putting safety at the forefront. To this end the team have developed a unique communication style using a series of whistles.
“Some Arboricultural experts suggest that hand signs are used to communicate, however we have found whistling far more affective especially considering distance, wind and the use of loud machinery.”

– Richard Farrow, GJ Tree Team Supervisor

“When carrying out an annual inspection of the Cedar, the team noted a fungi called Phaelous schweinitzii, which probably infected the tree when the cemetery road was resurfaced some time ago and root damage had occurred. The fungi decays the lower stem and structural roots and can lead to wind throw of the tree. Sonic testing confirmed that the lower section of the stem, an area on the cemetery road side lower stem was defective, but the rest of the lower stem appeared to be sound. To reduce the risk of the tree failing, the team reduced the crown by 4 metres in height and the side branches by 1.5 metres. They also thinned the branches out by 10 percent. This technique effectively reduces the ‘sail area’ of the tree, which reduces the wind force exerted on the weakened decayed area and therefore reduce the risk of failure occurring. The tree was crown reduced 6 years ago along with the rest of the avenue after snow loading combined with strong winds resulting in extensive branch breakage along the avenue, all trees responded well to the past reductions.” 

–    Graham Sear, Aspire Tree Surveyor

The team will continue to re inspect the tree annually and test the spread of decay. It is likely that  the tree will eventually need to be removed in the future, but hopefully it will make it to its 130th Birthday

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