Sir Hugh Gough8th March 1916

I heard today (Stopford had elicited from the military Secretary) that Gen Sir Hugh Gough, commanding the 1st Corps which we have just left, has asked for me by name wanting to know if I will accept 2nd in command of a battalion in his corps with prospects of getting a command when a battalion falls vacant.  If this comes through to me I shall accept it.  I hear this battalion is to be broken up.

I have spoken with Gough two or three times when he came to see our battalion and he knows me by name but I did not know he took any interest in me. I expect they are short of officers of similar experience and service.  Thank goodness I got away from the Indian Cavalry Corps.

The Colonel told me yesterday that he intends to send my name up with recommendation to be mentioned in despatches and to be given Brevet rank of Major.  It has – to go through many official “sieves” before it gets to the War Office and it may stick in any of them; anyhow- I’ve done nothing out of the way to deserve it.