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It was a golden summer – and now it’s a golden anniversary.

‘The Summer of Love of 1967 was a time to break free, to celebrate creativity, to revel in a counter-culture, to – as Timothy Leary famously suggested – ‘turn on, tune in, drop out’.

In America, Scott Mackenzie implored his listeners to ‘be sure to wear flowers in your hair’, while in London Pink Floyd headlined the 14 Hour Technicolor Dream at Alexandra Palace.

And on June 1, 1967 the Beatles added their own voice to the musical mix with the release of Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.’ –  sgtpepperat50

To celebrate this very special anniversary the Gavin Jones Group installed a Sgt Pepper Garden Feature at Chiswick House for the Chelsea Fringe Festival, a great opportunity to demonstrate our ‘Flower Power’.

The black and white pictures (courtesy of © Apple Corps Ltd) were taken in the studio where the Sgt Pepper Album cover was created using flowers from our London garden centre Clifton Nurseries in 1967. What better way could there be to celebrate this than with a ‘horticultural twist’ on the original cover.


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Pictures courtesy of © Apple Corps Ltd