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Luxurious and uniquely creative

Create a breathtakingly stylish and unique environment at your special event. Whether you want to create a romantic setting at a wedding or wine and dine your clients in elegant surroundings, our extensive range of beautiful topiaried trees, shrubs and plants will bring life and colour to your chosen venue. Our specimens are equally suited to indoors or out, create a dramatic entrance or add vibrancy to a table display.

Whatever you need, our staff will help you plan, install and even maintain during the event. A price list is attached but this is just a rough guide. If you have a specific budget we will work with you to create drama without dramatic prices.

After the event

A tell-tale of any successful outdoor event it a damaged lawn! We completely understand that you will want to return your outside space to its original condition as quickly as possible and we can help with this too.

Our reinstatement services could include:

  • Scarifying the lawn
  • Magnetise area to remove any loose metal such as tent pins
  • Spike the area to 10cm depth (injecting air to lift soil)
  • Top dress with a 50/50 mix of soil/fine sand to benefit the grass seed development
  • Re turf or over-seed the area
  • Carry out a granular fertilizer to promote growth

Prices subject to inspection of the area before final submission of a quote.

Our teams can also maintain the grounds including litter picking during the event if necessary.

If you would like to discuss your Event requirements further please call 01932 833 833 and ask for Natasha Lyall or email: