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Gavin Jones is an Arboricultural Association approved contractor for tree work offering a range of operations to current best practice and industry standards. We have a diversity of experience from construction sites to ecologically sensitive sites covering both domestic and commercial clients. The list below describes some of the operations that we can supply you with. This is by no means exhaustive. Please feel free to contact us regarding works, quotes, or simple friendly advice.

  • Crown lifting.
  • Tree Surgery.
  • Pollarding/re-pollarding.
  • Deadwooding.
  • Crown cleaning.
  • Crown reduction.
  • Crown thinning.
  • Storm damage repair.
  • Formative pruning.
  • Tree felling.
  • Tree dismantling/sectional felling.
  • Veteran tree works.
  • Dead, dying and dangerous tree work.
  • Emergency call-outs.
  • Installation of bracing.
  • Stump grinding and removal.
  • Select thinning for optimum woodland management.
  • Hedge cutting and shaping of fine hedging.
  • Site clearance.
  • Tree planting.
  • Young tree maintenance.
  • Christmas tree erection.
  • Soil De-compaction, Amelioration and non-invasive excavation.
  • Planning and erection of tree protection fencing.
  • Installation of lighting and bat boxes.
  • For tree inspections, tree reports, and site surveys see the consultancy tab.
  • Hedge reduction.

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Gavin Jones aims to provide the best possible advice and reporting for the benefit of the client as well as the trees. Please feel free to get in touch regarding any of the below:

  • Tree safety reports, surveys and inspections.
  • BS5837 (2005) tree condition surveys, impact assessments, constraints plans, and method statements.
  • Construction site management.
  • Tree TPO reports and local authority representation.
  • Tree mapping and inventory.
  • Tree risk evaluation and management planning
  • Decay investigation and Visual Tree Inspection.
  • Aerial inspections.
  • Veteran tree management.
  • Woodland design & management.
  • Tree planting schemes and avenue management.
  • Tree stock management and works programing

We work with a network of consultants offering the additional services of:


  • Root mapping.
  • Subsidence reports.
  • Mortgage reports.
  • Expert witness work.

Gavin Jones has offers the below ecological services from an experienced and dedicated team of consultants and field workers:

  • Wildlife habitat assessment, enhancement, and recommendations.
  • Phase 1 ecological survey.
  • NVC Classification.
  • Invasive species management and irradiation.
  • Bat surveys and monitoring.
  • Climbing bat inspections.
  • Protected species surveys.
  • Wildlife surveys.
  • Ecological surveys and monitoring.
  • Ecological impact assessments.
  • Planning enquiries.
  • Conservation and ethical management planning.
  • Habitat creation and restoration.
  • Mitigation and site monitoring.
  • Selection, siting, and monitoring of feeding stations and boxes.
  • Nature trail design.
  • Grassland reclamation.
  • Operative training and development.

We work with a network of consultants offering the additional services of:

  • Botanists.
  • Soil analysis.
  • Botanists.
  • Licenced handlers for services we cannot provide in house (e.g. newts).
  • Land surveys.


In addition to operational tree works we work in partnership with our sub-contractor network to offer the additional services of:

  • Flail mowing and hedge cutting.
  • Mulching.
  • High-power tractor work.
  • Hedge laying, soft capping, & dry-stone walling.
  • Timber conversion and planking.
  • Green waste management
  • Biomass production

In addition to arboricultural and ecological consultancy we work with select individuals to offer the additional services of:

  • Land surveys
  • Architecture
  • Landscape architecture

We also have a MEWP and chippers for day, 3 day, and week hire, please contact use to discuss your requirements.

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